By Robert Nislick

You are a homeowner or a unit owner in a condominium. Life is great.  Until . . . your home suffers property damage from water infiltration. You have done nothing wrong, but through the negligence of someone else, your stuff is ruined. You are out real money and you are mad.

Let’s assume that your insurance policy does not foot the bill for any damages you have suffered. You have a pretty good idea of what or who caused the damage. Hopefully, they will have insurance coverage that you can claim against. Perhaps you already told them what happened, showed them how they were negligent, and you have itemized the damage they caused, but they are just not listening to you. What can you do? Call me. I am a Massachusetts lawyer with experience handling property damage claims for plaintiffs and defendants.

I will try to get you as much recovery as possible and do it in such a way where you are not spending more in attorney’s fees than the value of your claim. The goal is to end up in as good a position as you would have been in if this had never happened. I will probably tell you right off the bat that you will not end up one hundred percent whole. Unfortunately, even though you have done nothing wrong, in this cruel world, there is often some loss which can never fully be compensated. But let’s not dwell on the negative.

Your claim may be big enough that it is worth expending some resources in trying to get some money back. If you are pursuing someone who has liability insurance, their carrier is supposed to investigate your claim, make a determination as to whether their insured is liable, and if so, pay the claim. The minute you sue them, it is safe to assume that they are likely to pay an attorney a minimum of $10,000.00 to defend against your claim. While an insurance company doesn’t want to pay you, likewise, it doesn’t want to pay a lawyer. The defendant’s insurance carrier is analyzing the validity and size of your claim, your likelihood of success, and whether it can smoke you out in a war of attrition. I have the talent and skills to present your claim in the best light.

If you have a good claim, I will work it hard. I want to get you recovery. Contact me today at to discuss your options.

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