By Robert Nislick

Someone doesn’t like you.  It could be a neighbor or a co-worker.  Maybe someone you hardly even know.  He or she goes to court and fills out some forms, and alleges that you are harassing them.  Whoever you ran afoul of has sued you, and has asked the court to issue a harassment prevention order against you, under G. L. c. 258E.

Next thing you know, you are served with paperwork that makes your heart pound.  The documents may say Complaint For Protection From Harassment G. L. c. 258E, Harassment Prevention Order G.L. c. 258E, and Affidavit.  A judge may have made a temporary order against you.  Maybe the documents notify you of a hearing date that you will have to attend.

If a judge enters a harassment prevention order against you, it can be bad.  Even though you feel you did nothing wrong, a judge may order you not to abuse the plaintiff, or not to contact the plaintiff, or to remain away from the plaintiff’s residence, or to remain away from the plaintiff’s workplace, or to compensate the plaintiff.  Even scarier, is that a violation of a harassment prevention order is a crime.

If you receive paperwork like this, call Robert Nislick, a Massachusetts lawyer, immediately.  You need a lawyer to stand up and fight what might be completely bogus accusations.  You do not want to do this by yourself.  I have experience and have won these kinds of cases before.

I will explain to the judge why the plaintiff is not entitled to a harassment prevention order against you.  I will cross-examine the plaintiff and try to expose lies and other weaknesses in his or her case.  I will try to show how the plaintiff is actually messing with you and that the real victim is you.  I will do my best to make you look good.  I will argue that even if everything the plaintiff said is true, the plaintiff still is not entitled to a harassment prevention order against you.

Contact Framingham, Massachusetts Attorney Robert Nislick today to discuss your case.

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