Robert Nislick is an experienced and aggressive Massachusetts lawyer, based in Framingham. He develops the best strategy to win his clients’ cases. He will put a plan into action and will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible results.

Rob is easy to talk to. He listens. He is nice. He explains it in a way that you can understand. He answers the phone and gets back to you quickly.

Rob has a burning desire to make sure that you are treated fairly and that your interests are protected. Rob will work hard to level a playing field which may be tilted in someone else’s direction.

Rob has a solid track record of courtroom successes. How does it happen? Rob takes the time to know the facts of your case inside and out. He also pays attention to what you want to achieve. Then he makes connections between the most helpful facts and the law. Robert will develop arguments that demonstrate why the law is on your side, and not on the other guy’s side.

Rob will spend the time to develop real reasons why the court should rule in your favor. Rob will develop legal arguments which are legitimate, and not just based on smoke and mirrors. If your case is bad, Rob will tell you, and still look for creative ways to win.

If you need a lawyer today, call Rob Nislick today. If you need a lawyer tomorrow, call Rob Nislick tomorrow. If you needed a lawyer yesterday, call Rob Nislick immediately.